3 Best Human Hair Full Lace Wigs

Wigs have been a part of our society for centuries now and, like many things over time, they have evolved. There are many styles, lengths, shapes, and sizes to cover every person’s head of hair. 

The most popular wig types these days are full lace wigs because they are the most realistic wigs that can last months or years with good care.

As an avid wig-wearer, I own a few quality wigs from an array of hair vendors. If you’re ready to journey into the realm of wig-wearing, here are some of the best human hair full lace wigs on the market.

Keep reading to find out how to get the most bang for your buck!

Who Should Get This

Full lace wigs are a terrific option for women of color with thicker, ethnic hair who want to opt for a more versatile option when protective styling their natural hair. 

The bonding and installation that goes into placing a wig securely on someone’s head is best done on more textured hair as the hair type is stronger and able to withstand more manipulated hairstyles.

This protective style is also a fun way to switch up hairstyles. Human hair wigs offer the wearer the versatility just as human hair, coming that of an actual person, the hair can be dyed, cut, and styled just as one would on their own head of hair as opposed to synthetic hair.

However, if you are not the type of person who frequently styles your own hair or wants a lower maintenance option, full lace wigs may not be the best option for you.

Wigs, and especially full lace wigs, require extra care because the lace will need maintenance through heat, sweat, water, and your daily activities.

The Best Human Hair Full Lace Wigs Reviewed

Here are my best recommendations along with detailed reviews for each product.

1. Guanyuwigs Ombre Honey Blonde 360 Lace Frontal Wig Brazilian Human Hair (Best Budget Option)

This wig comes with various lengths starting from 10 inches up to 22 inches. It also has a pre-plucked hairline across all of the wigs.

Pre-plucked hairlines are helpful for wigs that have a lot of density along the perimeter of the hairline, that also saves you time so you do not have to pluck the hairline on your own.

These wigs are sold as a honey blonde, ombre color that can easily be dyed given the convenience of its Brazilian human hair quality.

On the downside, since Guanyuwigs come colored with an ombre effect, this may not be the most convenient option for those who don’t wish to put in any extra effort to dye their unit.

2. JYZ Hair Full Lace Human Hair Wigs (Best Overall)

JYZ Hair has great wig units for those that want a quality wig with all the coveted customizations, but also at a decent cost. 

In the wig markets, a top-quality wig will usually cost hundreds of dollars, JYZ Hair offers a reasonable price point for their 150% density wigs.

Unfortunately, their hair types are offered in body wave or deep wave, meaning variations of curly and wavy. Because these are human hair units, the hair can be straightened to whichever length you desire. 

However, if styling and straightening hair is not something you desire, these units may not be the ones for you.

Curly and body wave hair units also tend to be dryer than that of straight hair, which requires extra maintenance that could include wetting the hair and applying product almost daily to get the most out of your curly unit.

3. FENJUN Full Lace Human Hair Wigs (Best for Quality)

FENJUN Hair is made from Brazilian virgin hair and is best for anyone who does not mind spending some additional dollars for a quality wig unit.

Their wigs come already at 150% density, pre-plucked with “baby hairs” for your own customization to provide as realistic of a hairline as possible. 

Their units are sold with a beautiful ombre customization — black with chocolate brown tips and a wavy texture which can easily be straightened for your convenience.

QUINLUX also offers invisible lace on their units for that straight out of the scalp look to compliment all of these same customizations for their wigs.

However, it is worth the price for most people but may not be your best option if you’re looking for a wig with all these customizations, yet on a budget. 

Their wigs also do not come with as many length options. The lengths range from 14” to 22” inches. Although these are fairly standard wig lengths, anyone hoping for a more dramatic, longer unit will not find it with FENJUN Hair.

Best Human Hair Full Lace Wigs: What to Consider

Below are some factors you should consider while selecting the best wigs that fit your needs.


In general, full lace wigs come in black color. However, textured hair often comes in different shades of black. Some women’s hair may be an ashier, lighter shade of black whereas others are a deeper black, and maybe black with brown hues. 

Therefore, hair vendors often market their hair at colors 1 (darker black), 1B (lighter, ashier black, the most common), and jet black. Most hair colors are presented in the form of numbers and letters.


The length of your hair is another factor that is up to your discretion. However, keep in mind that typically the longer the hair, the more expensive the wigs will be. The range usually goes from 10 inches to 26 inches.

Additionally, the longer the hair, the thinner the wig will be. One benefit of human hair wigs is that they allow you to cut and style your unit as desired so if you’re opting for fullness for your wig, you can always cut layers or style your unit for maximum fullness.


The density of your wig is simply another term for the thickness of your wig. Full lace wigs today usually sell at a density of 130% to 200% density. The higher the density, the thicker and fuller your wig but of course, the more expensive as well.


The quality of your lace is one of the most important factors as the lace is the foundation of your wig. It is what will determine just how real and authentic your wig looks. The lace on a wig is what is supposed to look the most identical to your real scalp as possible. 

When looking for a full lace wig, your best options are to find wigs that are constructed with HD, swiss, invisible and/or transparent lace, or the thinnest most undetectable lace as possible.

Final Words

Full lace wigs are a fun, integral part of hair care and protective styling. They are some of the most diverse products in the hair community today, offering units of different lengths, colors, densities, and sizes for everyone on the spectrum.

Guanyuwigs is my top pick as it is a quality human hair wig at an affordable price. There are also other good options worth considering, as I shared above.

Meanwhile, it is always best to do your research on full lace wigs as they are also the most high-maintenance protective styles. The goal is to always go for the unit that is going to look the most realistic on your head.

If your wig is not constructed properly, whether by the seller, a stylist, or by you, you may not be getting the most out of your unit. 

Wigs are fun, convenient, and stylish if worn correctly.

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