8 Best Lace Wig Adhesive for Long Term Wear

Some women enjoy switching up their looks regularly. Others want their wigs to see them through all the drama, honey. Are you the latter? Then you need a lace wig adhesive that can handle all of your highs and lows, and I’m here to help.

When you’re on the hunt for the best lace wig glue adhesive for long-term wear, you need to be confident in your purchase. That’s why I’ve done my research to create this must-see list of the very best long-lasting wig glues.

My top choice is the Walker Tape Ultra Hold Hair System Adhesive. Not only does it offer a superior hold that even professionals enjoy, but it goes on clear and lasts for an impressive 4+ weeks. Now that is a long-lasting hold!

Who Needs This?

Anyone who plans to wear the same wig for several weeks should consider a lace wig adhesive specifically designed for long-term wear. These glues will provide the security you need to wear your wig for weeks, no matter where you wear it.

The Best Lace Wig Adhesive for Long-Term Wear

I made sure to find the very best long-lasting wig glues on the market. There’s something for everyone listed below, whether you have oily skin, sensitive skin, or don’t mind spending a little more on top-notch solutions.

1. Walker Tape Ultra Hold Hair System Adhesive (Top Pick)

I chose the Walker Tape Ultra Hold because it’s, well, the best. It’s recommended by professionals, which is enough to get most people on board for buying. But don’t just take their word for it. Let’s take a closer look at why this ranks as my number one option.

For starters, this wig comes with a handy brush for application. It goes on white for ultimate precision but dries entirely clear for a flawless finish every time. Once dried, this fierce wig glue lasts for 4+ weeks in the presence of humidity and moisture.

Anyone can benefit from this top-notch wig glue. It’s great for all skin types, including those with sensitive or oily skin types. Basically, if you want wig glue you can trust it, this is it, honey.


  • Dries clear
  • Comes with a handy brush
  • Waterproof and humid-resistant
  • Safe for all skin types
  • Lasts for over four weeks


  • None!

2. Magnet Wig Glue (Runner-Up)

When it comes to keeping your wig on tight, you want it to work like a magnet. That said, it’s no wonder why the Magnet Wig Glue ranked as the runner-up for the best lace wig adhesive for long-term wear.

What’s great about this magnet-like wig is that it can stand up to oil, perspiration, and high humidity without slacking. It can last for at least four weeks at a time, with most users claiming five weeks with incredible hold.

The formula is designed differently than others. It actually absorbs light, creating an undetectable hairline that anyone would love. 


  • Dries clear
  • Waterproof, oil, and humid resistant
  • Lasts for over four weeks
  • Absorbs light for a natural hairline


  • White glue

3. Ghost Bond XL Hair Replacement Adhesive (Budget Pick)

If you’re looking for a lace wig glue that is budget-friendly and can essentially do everything, then the Ghost Bond XL Adhesive is for you. It goes on clear for a fabulous finish that looks impressively natural, and it can easily keep a strong hold for 2+ weeks.

Aside from the ease of application and longevity, users also love that this stuff won’t falter in the presence of humidity, oil, sweat, or moisture. With a far higher melting point than other adhesives, even those living in warmer climates can feel confident.

If you want an exceptional, cost-effective wig glue that’s even great for sensitive skin types, this is the wig glue for you.


  • Lasts for 2+ weeks
  • Waterproof and humid-resistant
  • Dries clear for a natural finish
  • Safe for sensitive skin types
  • High melting point
  • Budget-friendly


  • Takes some getting used to when applying

4. Esha Absolute Lace Wig Adhesive Glue (Best Sweat Resistance)

Dreaming about wearing your wig all summer long without the fear of slipping and sliding? How about getting down at the club without a potential mishap? Wherever your excessive sweating may be coming from, you need a long-lasting adhesive that can handle the task.

That’s where this wig glue comes into play. This adhesive goes on smoothly and quickly dries clear, so you don’t have to wait seemingly forever to apply your wig. Once dried, perspiration is no match for the bond.

With a uniquely designed formula, this adhesive is made to take on all types of sweat. So, whether you’re a natural heavy sweater or going for a run under the sun, you can guarantee a nice and tight wig.


  • Specifically formulated to handle sweat
  • Waterproof
  • Dries clear
  • Quick-drying formula
  • Lasts 2+ weeks


  • Too many layers can cause a white film

5. Smilco Wig Glue (Best for Lace Front Wigs)

When you’re a fan of lace front wigs instead of a lace front, you have to be extra picky. You have to be sure that the glue is strong enough to tackle the lace front while also providing a gorgeous, all-natural finish. This adhesive from Smilco is the obvious choice.

This lace front wig glue has a lot going for it. It is entirely waterproof and great with moisture and oils. It’s also nontoxic, making it a viable solution for sensitive skin types.

The main reason this works so well for lace front wigs is that it looks transparent but has an unbelievably strong hold that lasts through it all. We’re talking at least two weeks of incredible grip no matter where you go, babe.


  • Great for lace front wigs
  • Dries transparent for a natural finish
  • Lasts 2+ weeks
  • Safe for all skin types
  • Can handle oils and moisture


  • Requires several layers
  • Tricky application

6. NAYOO Lace Wig Adhesive (Best for Oily Skin)

Struggling with oily skin? While my somewhat dry skin and I can’t relate, I’ve heard plenty from my gal pals and mom what a nuisance it can be, even when it comes to wig glues! So what adhesive should oily-skinned babes for long-lasting wear? NAYOO, of course!

If you’re looking for an adhesive that won’t crumble under the pressures of natural oils, this is the wig glue for you. It can withstand even the oiliest skin thanks to a uniquely designed formula.

With this wig glue, you can get around two weeks of wear. This is pretty impressive, considering most glues will end up moving around due to the presence of natural oils.


  • Designed to take on immense natural oils
  • Safe for sensitive skin types, too
  • Lasts 2+ weeks
  • Can also handle high humidity and sweat


  • Somewhat thick

7. Coco Honey Magical Bond (Best For Sensitive Skin)

Sensitive skin types must be extra careful when choosing the right glue for their lace wigs. The wrong adhesive can lead to unpleasant rashes, pain, and itching. Well, there is no need for these worries with the Coco Honey Magical Bond.

This particular long-lasting glue is designed with medical-grade ingredients. Inside this safe formula, there are absolutely no parabens, minerals, formaldehyde, phthalaldehyde, or petroleum.

Not only is this miracle glue perfect for sensitive skin types, but it is also infused with antioxidant-packed vitamin E. This leads the skin to be more nourished and protected, which all skin types can agree is a major plus.


  • Designed for sensitive skin types
  • Medical-grade ingredients
  • Antioxidant-infused formula
  • Vitamin E
  • Dries clear


  • Not designed to handle sweat, humidity, moisture, or oils

8. Ultra Hold Hair System Adhesive (Best Combo Pack)

I don’t know about you, but I love getting the best value for my money. That’s why I love this combo pack. Sure, you could use other formulas to remove your lace wig glue, but why? With this hair system, you get the adhesive and the remover for your convenience.

The Ultra Hold Hair System Adhesive comes with the same professionally recommended formula you know and love. It easily lasts for over four weeks with an invisible glue that won’t be noticeable. The recipe is great for all skin types, whether you struggle with excessive oils or tend to perspire regularly. 

The adhesive remover is also top-notch. It’s tender on the skin but acts quick. Plus, it comes with a lovely fragrance that you won’t mind a bit. 


  • Dries clear
  • Comes with a handy brush
  • Waterproof, oil, and humid resistant
  • Safe for all skin types
  • Lasts for over four weeks
  • Comes with an adhesive remover


  • None!

Best Lace Wig Adhesive for Long-term Wear: Things to Consider

Before you rush into a purchase, consider these important details.

How long-lasting is it really?

Long-lasting has a different meaning for everyone. Some might think a week is long enough, while others want four or more weeks of wear. 

Knowing how long you want your lace wig glue to last will be the ultimate deciding factor when buying a bond.

Is it good for your skin type?

Everyone has different skin types. Some have sensitive skin, others have oily, and still, some have dry or normal skin. Find the wig glue that’s best for your specific needs.

Do you need specific features?

Are you planning to go swimming with your wig on? How about a workout or go to a dance club? Do you live in a very humid location? 

Finding the right wig glue is more than just finding a bond that lasts as long as you need it. If you need certain things, like waterproof or humid-resistant, make sure you seek them out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about the best lace wig adhesive for long-term wear? You aren’t alone, chica. But I’m here to answer those questions and make your purchasing that much easier. Let’s check out the most important questions below.

How long can you keep a glued wig on?

Even if there was a glue that could offer ten weeks of wear, does that mean you should use it? Nope. Nobody should (or even try) to wear their wig for over six weeks. You need an opportunity to not only care for your wig but your natural mane, too. 

Which is better, wig tape or glue?

It depends on what you’re looking for. However, most will say that tape is a lot better to use than glue. It is far easier to install and less messy than glue. Some say it is also less damaging to the hair. But tape might not last as long as some bonds and vice versa.

It really comes down to what you want and need.

Can you sleep with a glued-on wig?

If you’re planning to buy a glue for long-term wear, then you’re obviously not planning on taking the wig off for sleep. But some might question if you even can wear a glued-on wig during slumber. The simple answer is yes; you can sleep with a glued-on wig.

The most important thing to remember is that it should be cared for properly during the day and night. When you’re sleeping, try and be as gentle as possible with the wig to avoid any mishaps or damage.

Is it okay to wear a wig every day?

What about wearing a wig every day in general? Is this ok? Yup, sure is. Again, it all comes down to taking care of your wig day in and day out. Try to take your wig off as often as possible, though, to let your scalp and skin breathe and take care of your wig and mane.

Final Thoughts

All of these adhesives will offer you plenty of weeks of wear, some lasting two, and others last four or more. My favorite bond for long-lasting wear is the Walker Tape Ultra Hold Hair System Adhesive. I love how versatile it is, and there’s no denying that up to five weeks (or more) of hold is pretty impressive.

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