3 Best Lace Wig Glue for Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is precisely that – sensitive. From face washes to moisturizers, makeup to masks, sensitive-skinned gals have to be extra careful. As you might guess, this includes wig glues, too.

Finding the right glue when you struggle with sensitive skin is key to comfortable all-day wear. It’s also vital for fresh, beautiful skin that isn’t riddled with itchiness, rashing, acne, and more. 

If you have sensitive skin, you need to know what the best lace wig glues are. I’m here to help you out. While my favorite pick is the Ghost Bond XL Hair Replacement Adhesive, there are also several other top-notch solutions you (and your skin) will be happy with.

Who Should Get This?

Any girl who loves wigs but is plagued with overly sensitive skin should consider using lace wig glue specifically designed for sensitive skin. 

By using “specialty” wig glues, you won’t have to suffer from embarrassing red marks, uncomfortable itching, or any other discouraging side effects of sensitive skin.

The Best Lace Wig Glue for Sensitive Skin

Ready to find a skin-friendly brand? I have you covered. Below, you will find my top three picks when it comes to lace wig glues for sensitive skin. These have proven to be reliable glues that won’t bring out the sensitivity of your beautiful face.

1. Ghost Bond XL Hair Replacement Adhesive (Top Pick)

As I said before, this is my favorite pick (and a lot of other girl’s favorite choices, too). It’s a reliable glue that can handle even the pickiest faces. It comes in a 1.3 ounce or 5-ounce bottle. You can try it out with the smaller bottle and buy a bigger bottle when you fall in love (and you will).

But why is this my number one sensitive skin solution? Well, this product is rigorously tested for quality – which already gives you immense confidence in your buy. It is entirely invisible, so you never have to worry about tarnishing your all-natural appearance. 

This lace wig glue can work on all types of scalps. Deal with high humidity in your area? Are you prone to heavy perspiration? This glue holds on tight and won’t lose its seal, no matter what is thrown its way. That’s all thanks to the waterproof and oil-resistant properties.

Last but not least, sensitive girls will love that there is no latex, no harsh solvents, no chemicals, and no toxic ingredients. Periodt. Ghost Bond XL is a must for sensitive skin types. It can even be removed with skin-friendly solvents like rubbing alcohol. Yas!


  • Available in 1.3 and 5-ounce bottles.
  • Invisible application.
  • Waterproof and oil-free.
  • No latex, harsh solvents, chemicals, or toxic ingredients.
  • Extremely sensitive skin-friendly. 
  • Removed with skin-friendly solvents like rubbing alcohol.


  • Too much glue will not dry and have a white residue. Thin applications, only.

2. KISS All-Mighty Bond (Applicator and Remover)

Okay, there are a lot of things to love about the KISS All-Mighty Bond. For starters, I will start by saying that this comes with an applicator and a remover. This makes applying your wig just as easy as taking it off, without any “extras” necessary. Bigger bang for your buck!

Another bonus of this bond is that it is known for being an instant dryer. That’s right – layers take less than 20 seconds to fully dry, which means you waste less time applying glue and more time enjoying your new locks. The hold is super strong, so you don’t have to worry about lifting, either. 

Why does this rank on the sensitive skin list, though? Well, there are a few reasons, including: no odor, no silicone, no dyes, no parabens, and no formaldehyde. You’re left with a sensitive skin safe glue that lasts all day (well, several days).


  • Available in many sizes.
  • Instantly dries.
  • Comes with an applicator and remover.
  • No odor, silicone, dyes, parabens, or formaldehyde.
  • Known for being sensitive skin-friendly.


  • Not waterproof.

3. Coco Honey Magical Bond (Infused with Collagen)

Finally, we come to the Coco Honey Magical Bond. What’s the deal with this specific sensitive skin lace wig glue? Well, I will start by mentioning that this glue comes infused with antioxidants and collagen. This is a significant plus for those seeking moisture and anti-aging properties.

Aside from that, the glue is made using medical grade, 100% skin safe ingredients. Now that is something you can trust. There are absolutely no minerals, parabens, formaldehyde, phthalaldehyde, or petroleum. Basically, your skin will love this glue.

As a bonus, this glue is also waterproof and oil-proof so that it can be worn in any weather and any situation. It dries completely clear for a natural finish with all types of lace wigs.


  • 2-ounce bottle.
  • Infused with antioxidants and collagen.
  • No minerals, parabens, formaldehyde, phthalaldehyde, or petroleum.
  • Waterproof and oil-proof.
  • Sensitive skin-friendly.
  • Goes on clear.


  • Not as strong of a hold as other products.

Best Lace Wig Glue for Sensitive Skin: Things to Consider

Shopping for lace wig glues isn’t too time-consuming. Most of the high-end products (that I have listed in the next section) will be made specifically for sensitive skin types. Still, make sure you’re checking for these essential things:

Why is it sensitive skin-friendly?

Some skin is triggered by things like fragrances, while others can’t handle harsh chemicals. Some skin types are bothered by all of the above. Know your skin before buying and find the one that is right for you. Pay attention to what’s missing in the product, for example, dyes, parabens, toxins, etc.

How good is the hold?

If you’re planning on wearing this wig glue for an extensive amount of time, then make sure the bond can handle all that you’re up to, girl.

Is it waterproof/oil-proof?

Now, this isn’t important for every girl out there. But for those of you who want to work out in your wig, finding waterproof glue is essential. If you live in a very humid area, finding a humid-friendly adhesive is also critical for wigging success.

Final Thoughts

If your sensitive pores are craving a skin-friendly wig glue, give your skin what it desires. All three of these glues are excellent options, but they all have their own “special” features that you might want.

My favorite is Ghost Bond XL Hair Replacement Adhesive. This glue is simply the top-of-the-line option that you can trust, even if you have the pickiest face on the planet. Plus, it’s designed for a super strong hold no matter where you wear it. 

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