Can You Sew in a Lace Front Wig?

When it comes to lace front wigs, there are many ways to keep it secure to your head. Most people use glue, but others prefer tape, wig caps, bands, or other attachment methods.

What happens if you don’t want to use any of these options? Your final option is to sew your wig in.

Yet, plenty of people are under the impression that sewing is reserved for full lace wigs. Can you sew in a lace front wig?

Can You Sew Your Lace Front Wig In? The Truth

When people think of sewing in a wig, they likely think of a full lace wig.

However, full lace wigs aren’t the only type of wig that can be sewn in.

You can successfully sew in a lace front wig.

Yup, that’s right – your fave lace front wig can be sewn in, either professionally or on your own.

Why You Should Sew in a Lace Front Wig

OK, it’s great to learn that you can sew in a lace front wig. But why would you want to do it in the first place? Here are just a few reasons why sewing in a lace front wig is a great idea.

1. No Pesky Adhesives or Attachments

Although glue is probably the most popular option for securing a lace front wig, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with some caveats.

Glue can be tricky. It can also be very messy, especially your first few times trying it out. Who wants to struggle with an adhesive that ends up all over the bathroom counter?

Aside from glue, tape, wig grips, and other attachment methods can be downright annoying

Skip the hassle and opt for sewing in your lace front. Sure, it might take a bit more time, but avoiding the nuisance of adhesives and other attachments is well worth it.

2. Won’t Slip or Slide

I don’t know about you, but I have had a couple of “Oh, no!” moments where it felt like my wig was going to slide right off – at the most inopportune times, of course.

Well, when you sew your lace front wig, you don’t have to worry about slipping or sliding. It’s incredibly secure, which means no “oops!” moments in your future.

This is especially true for those planning to wear their wig while swimming, working out, etc. Moisture can cause some adhesives to weaken, but this isn’t the case with sewn-in lace front wigs.

3. Lasts Up to Six Weeks

You can wear a lace front wig for up to six weeks. However, that doesn’t mean you will wear your lace front wig for six weeks.

Most glues and tapes only last a few weeks. In fact, short-term wig glue will only offer one or two weeks of wear before you need to re-install. Some adhesives last longer, but you’ll notice weakening toward the end.

Sewing your lace front wig, on the other hand? You can easily reach the six-week mark as long as you take good care of your scalp and lace front wig.

However, it’s important to note that you should never wear your lace front wig for longer than six weeks. At this point, it will affect your natural strands and scalp – and you don’t want to do that!

How to Sew a Lace Front Wig In

You have two options when it comes to sewing in your lace front wig.

1. You can have your lace front wig professionally sewn in. This will typically cost around $150.

2. You can sew your lace front wig yourself. This is more cost-effective but can be tricker – especially the first few times around.

If you want to sew your lace front wig in yourself, here’s how to do it:

What You’ll Need

Before you start to sew in your lace front wig, you must ensure you have the right materials. You will need:

  • A curved needle
  • Weaving thread
  • Scissors

Oh, and a little bit of patience won’t hurt, either. (Smiley face!)

How to Do It

The process actually isn’t too complicated. Sewing in your lace front is done in four quick, relatively simple steps. 

  • Apply a mesh wig cap

This will be necessary to sew the lace front wig in.

  • Put on your lace front wig and make sure it’s comfortable

The next step is to put the lace front wig on your head and adjust it as necessary. 

Ensure your lace front wig sits comfortably and looks exactly how you want it to. You won’t be able to make any adjustments after it’s sewn in, so it’s imperative to be picky during this step.

Secure the band and clips.

  • Start stitching in the back

I know this might seem a bit odd, but you should always start by stitching the back of your lace front wig.

Find the tracks located at the back of your head. Find the lowest track and clip your other hair away from the area. 

Use your curved needle and thread to begin sewing along the lowest track. 

You can stop at this track or move on to the tracks on top. You can sew in as many tracks as you’d like.

  • Sew the sides

Now it’s time to work on the sides of your head.

Ideally, you should start sewing about one to three inches away from your temple. Clip hair away to ensure you get a good sew.

Continue sewing toward the back of your head. You want at least two inches to secure the sides properly. 

  • (Optional) Sew the crown

Now, you don’t have to sew at the crown if you don’t want to.

Personally, I like to sew my wig at the crown to ensure I get a tight and secure fit. I like the added protection.

To do so, simply sew at the crown where the lace stops. There’s not a whole lot of space here, but it’s enough to add some extra security to your sewn-in lace front wig.

Visual learners! Check out this excellent video showing how to sew in a lace front wig. Yes, she starts at the sides, and that’s perfectly fine. I prefer to start in the back!

  • To remove

When it comes time to take off your lace front wig, you’ll need a pair of small scissors, such as embroidery scissors. Clip the wig hair away from the tracks. Locate the thread. Carefully put your scissors underneath the thread and snip, being careful not to cut the lace or hair.

Continue this method until all of the threads are snipped off. Then, gently remove your wig. If you notice any areas tugging, you likely missed a thread that needs to be cut.


There you go! Everything you need to know about sewing in a lace front wig. But if you’re not quite done learning about this topic, don’t worry – just keep reading. Below are some FAQs with some answers you might want to know!

How long does a sew in lace front wig last?

Sewn-in lace front wigs can last up to six weeks when adequately cared for. If not maintained, they can still last up to four weeks with ease. Never wear your lace front wig beyond the six-week mark, as that can be detrimental to your natural strands and scalp.

Can a wig be sewn in?

You can sew in a wig. Full lace wigs are the most commonly sewn-in type of wigs. However, you can also sew in other kinds of wigs, such as lace front wigs. Wigs can be professionally installed, or you can sew them in yourself with a needle and thread.

Is it better to glue or sew in a wig?

It’s a matter of personal preference. Some like the easiness of glue, especially if they want to take their wig off every week or so. Sewing a wig means added protection, no mess, and longer wear.

Sewing a Lace Front Wig is a Great Idea!

You can sew in your lace front wig, and it’s an excellent option for securing your hair piece. You can have it professionally installed or do it yourself with a needle, thread, and patience. All in all, it shouldn’t take longer than 20 or 30 minutes to sew your lace front wig, and it’ll last up to six weeks.

Do you sew in your lace front wigs? Do you have any tips to share?

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