Can You Use Spirit Gum on a Lace Front Wig?

If you enjoy or have been involved in the theater, you have likely heard of spirit gum.

Spirit gum is an old-school adhesive that’s been around for over 100 years. It’s used to secure various costume prosthetics – such as wigs.

That leads many people to ask the prying question – Can you use spirit gum on a lace front wig?

Keep reading to find out whether or not you can use this popular glue on your lace front wig!

Can You Use Spirit Gum on Lace Front Wigs?

Spirit gum has been the go-to for costuming since the 1800s. They’re used to secure all types of prosthetics, from wool facial bears to fabulous wigs.

Can it be used on lace front wigs, though?

Yes, you can use Spirit Gum on lace front wigs. Keep in mind that it is a short-term glue, though, and will only allow for a few hours of wear before it loosens up.

Whether you’re dressing up in costume for a particular part in a play or simply want to look your absolute best for the upcoming girl’s night out, you’ll be glad to know you can use the famous “Spirit Gum” to secure your lace front wig.

How to Use Spirit Gum for a Lace Front Wig

If you’re considering using Spirit Gum to put on your lace front wig, you’ll be glad to know that it’s no different than securing a lace front with other types of glue. 

While I’ve dedicated an entire blog about putting on a lace front wig – which you can find here – I thought I’d share a rough breakdown in case you don’t want to skip to another blog.

Here is how to use Spirit Gum to secure a lace front wig.

1. Prep Your Natural Hair

Before you put your lace front wig on, giving your natural locks a little TLC is essential.

Wash and condition your natural hair. Apply a long-lasting, deep moisturizer that will help to keep your natural strands in tip-top shape while under the lace front wig.

Then, throw on a wig cap. (Ensure it’s the right size for a good and secure fit.)

2. Apply the Glue

Now that you’ve taken care of your natural hair, it’s time to start gluin’ that lovely wig down!

Begin by swiping a rubbing alcohol-soaked cotton ball along your hairline. You don’t want any residue standing in the way of the bond.

Then, apply the Spirit Gum to your hairline where you want your lace front wig to sit.

3. Secure the Wig

After applying the glue, you can place the wig on top of your head.

Don’t push the wig down into the glue just yet, though.

The Spirit Gum adhesive should be almost dry before pushing down on the wig. You can speed this process up with a blow dryer if desired.

Once it’s almost dry, push the wig down onto your hairline. Ensure that all areas of the wig are pushed down. You don’t want any accidents during the night!

4. Trim the Lace and Style

At this point, you can finish trimming your lace front wig (if necessary). Leave a little bit of lace for blending purposes.

Finally, style the rest of your lace front wig however you’d like. Remember – lace front wigs allow for many styling options, even high ponytails, when done correctly!

5. Removing the Wig

Spirit Gum offers a very secure fit, but it doesn’t last a very long time – which is why it is great for performances.

That said, you shouldn’t have a problem taking your wig off at the end of the day.

However, some residue may be left behind. That’s why I always recommend buying the Mehron Makeup Spirit Gum & Remover Combo Kit. It comes with everything you need to apply and remove easily – no additional products or items are necessary.

Here is a video that can help:


Need to secure your lace front wig? You can always opt for Spirit Gum, a very popular short-term glue that’s been adhering wigs for over 100 years! Want to learn more? No problem! Here are some interesting, frequently asked questions to help out.

Can I use spirit gum as wig glue?

You can use Spirit Gum as wig glue. That’s one of the main reasons this popular and classic adhesive was invented. You can use Spirit Gum like any other type of wig glue. Apply to a clean hairline, let it dry somewhat, and press the wig onto the glue. Viola!

What can I use if I don’t have wig glue?

If you don’t have wig glue to attach your lace front wig, don’t panic. There are many other methods you can use. Tape is the second best option to glue. However, you can always nix adhesives and go another route, such as a wig grip or clips.

Can you use Ghost Bond on lace?

Ghost Bond is another excellent option for securing a lace front wig. That said, yes, you can use Ghost Bond on lace. If you want to wear your lace front wig for a relatively long time, up to three weeks, consider using Ghost Bond rather than Spirit Gum.

Use Spirit Gum on Your Lace Front Wig for Short-Term Wear!

Spirit Gum is an excellent option if you only want to wear your lace front wig for a few hours. It will provide a secure attachment you can depend on. After all, they’re been in the biz for over 100 years!

Have you ever used Spirit Gum on your lace front wig?

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