Can You Workout With a Lace Front Wig?

If you’re anything like me, then you stick to a workout regime.  But if you’re also like me, you wear a lace front wig regularly and don’t want to take it off whenever you step into the gym.

Do you really need to remove a wig to exercise, or can you work out with a lace front wig on? Find out the truth below!

Can You Workout While Wearing a Lace Front Wig?

Getting ready to hit the gym but don’t want to take off your lace front wig?

I have good news for you: you don’t have to. You can successfully work out while wearing a lace front wig.

However, there are certain things you need to consider before picking up those weights or walking into a yoga sesh.

Tips for Wearing a Lace Front Wig While Exercising

You shouldn’t hit the pavement or start working out in the gym without the proper precautions.

Here are my top tips for wearing a lace front wig while exercising:

1. Wear a Less Expensive/Older Wig

While you don’t necessarily have to opt for your old-school lace front wig, it might be a good idea. 

That’s only because your wig will get sweaty, and you likely don’t want your expensive pieces ending up in a sweaty disaster.

You can also choose to wear a less expensive lace front wig that you don’t mind getting a little messy. 

2. Go Shorter, If You Can

If I’m being honest, I prefer long hair to short hair. Not because I think it’s ugly, but I don’t like shorter locks on me. 

However, I tend to reach for a shorter lace front wig when it comes time to work out.

Shorter wigs will stay off your neck and out of your face, allowing you to work out without the extra heat and weight of long hair.

If you absolutely don’t want to wear a short wig, you can also opt for workout-friendly hairstyles, such as a ponytail. And yes, you can put lace fronts in a ponytail.

3. Make Sure It’s Secured

Most people secure their lace front wig with glue. This is the most common method. 

It may not be conducive to exercising, though.

Many glues are not moisture-resistant, and they’ll weaken during your workout. This could lead to slipping or, worse, your wig falling off while you’re reaching down for the barbell.

That said, I recommend using something other than glue, such as wig clips, liners, or grips. 

(If you have moisture-resistant glue or tape, they can be used successfully.)

4. Get Rid of Moisture ASAP

Excessive moisture – ok, sweat – can be the downfall of your lace front wig. 

What can you do?

Here are two great options:

  • Whisk away moisture with a towel. During your workout, keep a small towel nearby to wipe off moisture as soon as it arrives.
  • Wear a headband. Your second choice is to wear a sports headband specifically designed to keep sweat in check.

5. Opt for Human Hair

Trust me; I love a good synthetic wig as much as the next gal.

However, they’re not the best choice for working out.

Synthetic hair is much more prone to tangles and knots – and you can get a lot of these during a strenuous workout.

Human hair is easier to detangle and style. This can be very beneficial when it comes to exercising with a lace front wig on!

6. Take Care of the Wig 

Finally, you need to take extra good care of your lace front wig if you’re working out with it.

Here are my top tips:

  • Take it off ASAP. If you can, remove your wig right after you exercise or soon after. 
  • Wash it more regularly. Try to wash your “gym wig” at least once a week or after a very intense workout where there is plenty of sweat.
  • Detangle it. We all know how messy hair can get while exercising. The same is true for your lace front wig hair! Run a detangling brush through your hair when you’re done working out.

Bonus Tip: Buy a “Gym Wig”

Did you know some wigs on the market are coined explicitly as “gym wigs?” 

These wigs typically come with added features that make them more wig-friendly.

For example, this wig has a built-in headband perfect for any type of workout, from light summer evening jobs to more intense Crossfit sessions.

Plus, it’s made with human hair, so it can easily be styled into a ponytail.


See? I told you that you could work out with a lace front wig on! Talk about lookin’ like a stunner even when riding the exercise bike. If you want to learn more about this topic, here are some FAQs that you might find interesting.

How do you wear lace front to the gym?

The best way to wear a lace front wig to the gym is to fashion it into a high or low ponytail. A low ponytail is much easier, but many people prefer the look and feel of a high ponytail – especially when working out.

What wigs to wear when working out?

It’s best to opt for shorter wigs when working out. I always recommend going with older or less expensive wigs, too, as you don’t want to damage the pricier or brand-new options. Synthetic is lighter but tangles more readily, so human hair wigs are the best choice.

How do you secure a wig while working out?

Moisture-resistant glues and tapes can work to secure wigs while working out. However, you can also opt for wig clips, grips, and liners. These will also allow you to remove your wig after you’re done working out.

You Can Work Out in Your Lace Front Wig!

The next time you plan a trip to the gym, don’t worry – you can wear your lace front wig and look fab, honey. Just make sure it’s secured so you don’t run into any mishaps during your exercise routine.

Do you wear a wig to work out?

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