3 Cheap Full Lace Wigs Under $50

I know what you’re thinking: “Full lace wigs are so expensive; I could never work that into my budget!” Girl, I feel you. Full lace wigs aren’t cheap, and I can’t think of too many girls buying them left and right.

So what about us babes who want beauty on a budget? There are full lace wig options for you. No, I’m not pulling your leg. Yes, they exist. Did you ever think you’d own a full lace beauty?!

Well, when it comes to cheap full lace wigs under $50, my absolute fave is the Harlem 125 Lace Wig. I love the subtle ombre hue, and the wavy texture is downright gorgeous. However, if a wavy ombre isn’t your thing, don’t worry. I have several others ranked on this list. 

Quick Summary

Who Should Get This?

If you’re on a tight budget but still want to dive into the realm of full lace wigs, this is definitely for you. Full lace wigs allow for more versatile styling compared to a lace front wig. Wear it down for date night, in a bun for work, and a high ponytail for a night out with the girls.

The Best Full Lace Wigs Under $50 Reviewed

Now, I’m not going to lie to you, babes. Finding a full lace wig for under $50 was not exactly the easiest task in the world. But I made it happen. These full lace wigs are going to let you live your best life without the hefty price tag.

1. Harlem 125 Lace Wig (Top Pick)

What can I say? I’m a sucker for wavy locks. That is why the Harlem 125 Lace Wig ranked as my number one option. The major selling point is the luscious, full-bodied waves. They’re charming and bouncy, which is something I always look for in a wig.

However, I also love the color and length. It’s around 20 inches long, so you don’t have to worry about too much or too little hair. The color is a stunning ombre with dark roots cascading down into dirty blonde locks. The result? A showstopping color combo everyone will adore.

As far as quality is concerned, this wig is made using high heat-resistant synthetic fiber so you can easily style up or down without worrying about melting or other damages. The parting can be switched up, and the wig comes with adjustable straps and hooks for a perfect fit.


  • Realistically soft and styleable synthetic fibers.
  • 20 inches long.
  • Gorgeous wavy texture.
  • Adjustable wig for comfort.
  • Ombre coloring.
  • Thick and lustrous.


  • A tendency for shedding and tangling.

2. Janet Synthetic Full Lace Wig (Best Wavy Wet Option)

Are you a girl who loves the semi-wet and sleek look? Then you’re going to love this wig. The Janet Synthetic Full Lace Wig comes in three lovely colors and sits around 20 inches long, so it’s great for plenty of women out there.

For looks, the Janet Synthetic Full Lace Wig comes with a beautiful wavy texture that adds dimension and flare. There is also a semi-wet cast to this wig, which is highly sought after by fashionistas across the board.

Another big benefit of this wig is that it comes with some cutesy side bangs that can be fully styled with ease. 


  • 20 inches long.
  • Gorgeous semi-wet and wavy texture with side bangs.
  • Three color options.


  • A tendency for shedding and tangling.

3. Yihaojia Wig for Women (Best Straight Option)

I know I said earlier I am a huge fan of wavy hair (and I am), but I would be lying if I did not adore stick-straight locks, too. A silky straight mane has that sophisticated yet slightly edgy appeal – especially when it is in a jet-black color like this. 

The Yihaojia Wig for Women is made using high-quality, heat-resistant fibers, so you can easily style it however you please. It comes in a range of lengths, including 14”, 22”, 24”, and 26”. Keep it shoulder-length and cute with the shortest option, or go for something sassier like the 26.

For comfort, these wigs are made entirely with adjustable straps to fit all head sizes. It’s breathable and comfortable, so you can easily wear it all day (and all night). Did we mention this is the cheapest option on our list? Yas!


  • Silky straight hair.
  • Made with high-quality, heat-resistant synthetic fibers.
  • Fully styleable.
  • Available in 14 inches to 26 inches.
  • Adjustable wig for comfort.
  • Cheapest choice.


  • May require a bit of adjusting before wear.

Full Lace Wigs Under $50: Things to Consider

There are just a few quick things to consider when buying a cheap full lace wig under $50.

Hair Quality

Quality will be the most difficult thing to obtain when shopping for a cheap full lace wig, especially under $50. Find the wigs made with high-quality and heat-resistant synthetic fibers, so it’s not too silky or “cheap” feeling, plus it will be styleable like real hair.


Straight or wavy? I have both options. Now it’s up for you to decide which hairstyle you will be sporting. Remember: you can style these wigs up or down, especially if the synthetic material is heat-resistant.

Hair Length

There aren’t too many length options listed below, but still enough to keep you satisfied. Most are designed at an average of 20 inches, which is suitable for most gals. However, you can also find shorter 14 inches or longer 26 inches on this list too. 

Final Words

There’s no contest. When it comes to the best full lace wig under $50, the Harlem 125 Lace Wig is the best pick. However, all of these cheapies will work wonders for my trendy babes out there on a budget.

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