Lace Wig Installation: Glue vs Tape vs Bands

After picking your desired lace wigs, the next question always comes, “how will I place this wig on my head?”

There are a couple of different ways that I like to apply my wigs, depending on how long I plan to wear them and the weather conditions of where I will be at. 

My three favorite methods are using glue, hair tape, and wig bands. And here’s a quick summary of my preferences:

  • If you want your wig installation to last a long time through sweat and moisture, get a wig glue.
  • For a wig installation that is quick and easily removable, use a hair tape.
  • For a cost-efficient installation method without having to adhere anything to your skin or hairline, wig bands are your go-to solution.

How to Decide Which Wig Installation is Best for You

1. Glue

First off, it’s important to know how your wig is going to be installed. 

If installed incorrectly, you run the risk of damaging your hair or not achieving the desired look. Worst of all, your unit may remove itself from your head if not installed with a proper adhesive for your hair.

When using glue, always make sure to do a small patch test on your skin, preferably your hand, arm, or cheek. Swipe a small amount of glue onto your skin, let it get tacky, and then dry. 

Wait a few hours or about a day. If your skin does not negatively react to the glue, feel free to use it!

Also double check on what your hair can handle. Whether you are gluing a wig down yourself or a stylist is doing so, pay attention to where the glue is placed. 

Your safest bet is to always place the glue onto your skin, as close to your hairline as possible so when your wig is being shifted or removed, it is not tugging on your hairline. 

Some people have stronger hair follicles and can withstand glue on their hairline without the risk of hair removal. 

Gluing down your unit is the best way to have your install last at least a week to two weeks. 

Glues, especially ones with lots of holds, often require special sprays and other products specific to the glue in order for safe removal. 

If you are the kind of person who likes to frequently change their chair during the week, glue may not be the best method for you.

2. Tape

Taping your wig is similar to glue, however, the method is not as harsh. 

Wig tape is easier to remove than glue and most of the time does not leave any residue. There are no adhesive removers required for wig tapes and the tape is safer to place on your wig’s lace than glue.

Simply put, wig tape is a mess-free option and also saves time as opposed to gluing on a unit.

3. Wig Bands

Wig bands are the best method for those with smaller head sizes. 

If you are like me, most wigs cannot simply sit your head without some type of adhesive. There are usually the wigs whose lace measures anything larger than 13×6”.

Much like tape, wig bands are mess-free and time-saving as they’re already installed onto the wig, by you or the hair vendor, to easily be placed onto the head.

The bands stretch for head shape and comfort and are the most affordable, usually already coming free with a wig unit.

My Favorite Lace Wig Installation Brands

1. Bold Hold Wig Glue (For a Longer, More Secure Wear)

Bold Hold Wig Glue is the most popular wig adhesive on the market. It is sold as a clear, watery consistency that is to be brushed onto whichever area of your head that you desire. 

This product has gained popularity for drying clear so as not to be detected and providing the best hold for those that desire to wear their wigs for days at a time.

It is one of the pricier options on the market. The stronger the hold advertised on the packaging, the more it can cost. It is also difficult to remove if not done properly. Bold Hold sells wig removal products which can also add up as an extra expense. 

Note: Bold Hold can also be messy if not applied correctly. It can also dry very noticeably if too much is applied. Gluing down your wig is the best method as it allows for a seamless, flat, and realistic install if done correctly.

2. VAPON Topstick Hair Tape (For a Safer Installation and Time Saver)

VAPON Hair Tape, although originally advertised for men, has taken over the hair community as another great way to wear your lace front wig. 

This double-sided tape can be placed in the perimeter of your wig wap, in all areas you think you would like for your wig to sit on your head.

VAPON Hair Tape works well for those who need a quick install on-the-go and don’t have time to place glue on their wig and wait for it to dry. 

Once the tape gets old, which is usually after two or three wears, it must be removed and new tape must be reapplied.

3. Milano Collection Wig Bands (For Convenience and Affordability)

Milano Wig Bands are great for those that don’t want to spend a ton of money on wig installations and also want the convenience of putting on and removing your wig.

Bands are great as you only need one for each wig and they’re created for durability. They are often thick and stretchy to conform to any head shape, resting at the back of the wig to be undetectable. Companies often provide bands with their wigs so you don’t have to purchase one yourself. 

Wig bands can cut off any circulation to your head if the band is installed too tight. If shifting your wig too much, they can also cause breakage to the nape of your neck’s hairline.


There are several great methods for wearing a lace wig. The most important factor in any wig installation is how properly the wig is laid on the head.

Glues, tapes, and wig bands, are functional methods that anyone can follow and, when done correctly, can give you the most out of your install.

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