How Long Does a Lace Front Wig Install Last?

I recently wrote an article on whether or not you can install a lace front wig. (Spoiler alert – you can).

That led to many people asking how long lace front wig installation actually lasts.

Well, if you are considering having your lace front wig professionally installed – or “sewn-in” – you’ve come to the right place.

Today, we’re discussing how long a lace front wig install lasts. Plus, I’m going to share must-know tips and tricks on how to maintain your lace front wig install to increase its longevity.

What are you waiting for? Let’s do this, queens!

How Long Does a Lace Front Wig Install Last?

Now, let me first say this – for the sake of this article, I’m referring to “install” as sewing the wig into your natural hair. Some people may consider wig, tape, and other methods as “installation,” but I don’t.

Let’s move on.

A lace front wig install (being sewn in) can easily last up to six weeks when it’s properly maintained.

However, I can’t emphasize maintenance enough. If you don’t care for your sew-in, you likely won’t see longer than one or two weeks of wear.

And babe, whether you did it yourself or paid for someone to do it, you don’t want to settle for a week or two of wear. That’s a loss of time, money, or both!

How to Maintain an Installed Lace Front Wig

As I mentioned before, proper maintenance is critical to the longevity of your lace front wig installation. 

I want you to be successful and get up to six weeks of use. Here’s how to do it:

1. Detangle Like a Madman (or Woman)

Think of tangles as your installation’s kryptonite.

If you have tangles, knots, and mats, it’s simply not going to last as long. Not only that, but your hair will look a mess. Who wants to step out looking like Frankenstein?

That said, detangle your wig regularly. Be gentle and always start from the bottom. Ensure you’re using the right tools, too. I like this set because it comes with a loop brush and a wide-tooth comb, both necessary for five-star detangling.

Detangle every night before bed (and as often as necessary). Personally, you’ll catch me brushing through my wig throughout the day. I’m trying to keep those knots at bay, honey!

2. Wrap Your Locks at Night, Girlfriend!

If you’ve read any of my articles, then you know I talk about this a lot.

But I’m not doing it to annoy you, I promise.

This is actually very important to the well-being of your installation – and your wig in general!

Always wrap your hair at night before going to bed. You can use whatever you’d like, but I find this silk bonnet impressively comfortable and effective. Sign me up!

3. Wash (Correctly)

Do you think you can go six weeks without ever washing your hair?

Think again!

To extend the lifespan of your installation, I highly recommend washing your hair once a week (or when absolutely necessary, like after an extensive workout!).

Always use products designed for wigs. I recommend this unbreakable duo because it comes with a top-notch leave-in conditioner that will transform your strands. Buh-bye, dry hair!

4. Clean Your Hairline

When you wear a wig for an extended period, you might notice some oil around the hairline. You don’t want to leave it there – this can be quite unpleasant (hello, itchiness).

That said, use a cotton ball and some product to remove any oil.

You can use whatever product you’d like. However, I like to use a pinch of mild soap to wash my hairline. 

5. Be Gentle, Babe!

My last – and probably most important – tip is to be gentle on those lovely locks!

Any tugging or yanking can wreak havoc on your sewn-in lace front wig. 

Not only will it harm the wig, but it can damage your natural strands hiding underneath.

What Happens if You Wear a Wig Longer Than Six Weeks?

I know it may be tempting to wear your wig longer than six weeks, especially if it still looks good, but you’ll be doing yourself a significant disservice.

Here are some of the problems you might run into:

  • Excessive tangling – Wearing your wig continuously for an extended period (beyond six weeks) will likely lead to excessive tangling due to friction, movement, environment, etc. Your natural hair may also start to mat up underneath. Yikes!
  • Unpleasant odor – If you don’t allow your scalp to breathe, you will start accumulating sweat, bacteria, and other build-up – and it might not smell good!
  • Irritated skin – Again, a lack of fresh air can be detrimental to your scalp. It can cause irritation that causes itching and other discomfort. 
  • Natural hair breakage – While wigs are meant to protect your strands, overwearing your wig will continue to create tension on your natural strands. In turn, you may notice breakage when you remove the wig – namely, where the wig was secured.
  • Deteriorated wig quality – Wearing your wig day after day for six weeks can make your wig look ugly. While this isn’t always the case, most women state that their wig looked better for wear after the six-week mark.


Basically, what I’m trying to tell you is this – you can wear your lace front wig for six weeks if you maintain it properly, but don’t go over the six-week mark. If you want to learn more, check out these frequently asked questions!

How long does a lace frontal install take?

Surprisingly enough, installing a lace front wig doesn’t take an exuberant amount of time. A professional can get it done in an hour (typically). If you try to do it at home, allot yourself more time – about two hours – especially if you’re a beginner.

Can you sleep with a lace front wig on?

You can sleep with a lace front wig on. However, you don’t want to hop into bed and call it a night. I recommend applying a deep leave-in conditioner. Then, detangle with a looped brush and a wide-tooth comb. Wrap hair into a silk bonnet or, at the very least, braid it to reduce friction.

How long do lace wigs usually last?

Lace wigs can last up to a year if cared for properly. Of course, the longevity will depend on many factors, such as how often it’s worn and the type of hair – synthetic or human.

You Can Wear a Lace Front Wig Install For Six Weeks!

If you take care of your lace front wig installation correctly, you can enjoy up to six weeks of continuous wear. Don’t go over the six-week mark, though, as that can harm your wig and natural strands.

How long do you typically wear your lace front wig installation?

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