How Long Can I Wear a Lace Front Wig without Taking it Off?

Even though there are a few different ways to easily put on a lace front wig, it doesn’t mean you enjoy it, or it doesn’t take up much of your morning time.

That might leave you wondering, how long can you actually wear a lace front wig without taking it off?

Whether you dread applying your lace front wig or simply want to wear it longer than you usually would, you need to know exactly how long you can wear it.

Keep reading to find out how long you can wear your lace front wig!

How Long You Can Wear a Lace Front Wig Without Taking it Off

A lace front wig can typically be worn for up to six weeks.

However, this depends on many factors, such as the adhesive you use and how well you take care of your lace front wig.

Let’s take a closer look, babe.

Short-Term Glues/Tape

If you don’t plan to wear your lace front wig for too long, you can opt for short-term glue or tape. With short-term adhesives, you will typically see one to two weeks of use.

Long-Term Glues/Tape

Stronger glues and tapes can last up to six weeks. However, you don’t want to go beyond the six-week mark. At this point, the adhesive will begin to weaken, which could damage your natural strands.


Some people do not enjoy the messiness of applying a lace front wig with glue or tape. If you’re more of a sew-in type of gal, you’ll be glad to know that a sewn-in lace front wig can easily last up to two weeks.


Finally, there are glueless wigs that rely on elastics and straps to adhere to the head. In this situation, you can technically wear the wig for as long as you’d like. You’ll just need to make some adjustments in the meantime.

How to Make Lace Front Wig Last Longer (On Your Head)

I recently wrote a post about how to make lace front wigs last longer, but the tips were geared toward wig care off of your head – not on it.

That won’t do you much good if you’re trying to extend the lifespan of your lace front wig after it’s installed.

That said, I wanted to share my top tips for making a lace front wig last longer after it’s installed. Let’s take a look:

1. Brush/Comb Carefully

When it comes to brushing/combing your lace front wig, you must be very careful. If you’re too rough with the hair, it’ll add tension to the lace and adhesive, causing your lace front wig to fall off prematurely.

Solution: Brush/comb your wig very gently! If you need to, hold the wig with one hand and brush with the other. That way, you take the pressure off the wig entirely while ensuring your wig hairs look lovely.

2. Stay Away From Moisture

Moisture is the enemy.

Well, it can be the enemy. 

If you used a waterproof adhesive, then you’re in the clear.

If your adhesive is not waterproof, you could run into a grave issue. Moisture + adhesives are not a good combination. That said, you want to avoid moisture as much as possible, whether avoiding a rigorous, sweaty workout or saying “No, thanks” to an afternoon in the pool (unless you put your hair up).

Tip: That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t moisturize your wig hair, though! Regularly applying a light oil or conditioner is a great way to keep the hair in tip-top shape.

3. Dry and Wrap Every Night

Wigs can become a tangled nightmare if you’re not being careful, especially at night.

That said, every night before you go to bed, do these things:

  • Dry your wig. If it is the day to wash your wig, make sure it is entirely dried before bed. Wet hair is more prone to tangles, and that’s exactly what we’re trying to avoid here!
  • Wear a silk cap. Secondly, wrap your wig up into a silk cap before slumbering. This is the best protectant against bedtime tangles which can spell trouble come morning time. After all, you don’t want to deal with endless knots that can harm the adhesive, do you?

If you do these two things each night, you shouldn’t have to worry about tangles (at least not too many tangles!). 

4. Opt for Stronger, Long-Lasting Adhesives

If you want long-lasting results, you will have to use long-lasting adhesives.

It’s that simple.

Replace your short-term adhesive with a long-term option, and you’ll be able to wear your lace front wig for a more extended time (never longer than six weeks, though).


Who knew that lace front wigs could last such a long time? While I’m sure you have all the info you need, some readers likely have lingering questions. If you’re one of them, read and check out the frequently asked questions below.

How long can you wear a glued-down wig?

That depends solely on the type of glue you use. Some bonds are designed for short-term use, so you might only get a few days of wear. Long-term glues are more robust and durable, some allowing for wig use for up to six weeks.

Can you remove lace front wig every day?

If desired, yes, you can remove your lace front wig daily. If you plan to remove your lace front wig daily, you’d be better off with a glueless option. You can also use short-term glue or tape for easier removal and re-application.

Is it OK to sleep with your wig on?

You can sleep with your wig on. However, you must avoid sleeping with a wet wig at all costs. Also, wrap your hair into a silky cap each night. You can also opt for silky or satin pillowcases instead. 

Lace Front Wigs Can Last Up to Six Weeks!

How long you can wear your lace front wig without taking it off depends mainly on the type of adhesive used. Using long-lasting, durable bonds, you can get up to six weeks of continuous wear.

How long do you usually leave your lace front wig on without taking it off?

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