How to Fix a Lace Front Wig

Lace front wigs. Ah, love them. There is nothing like a sexy lace front wig to make you look fabulous, darling. Not only that, but lace front wigs are (most of the time) budget-friendly and easy to install. Who wouldn’t want one?

Well, let me tell you, no matter how easy they are to work with and how careful you are, accidents happen. If you notice a rip or tear in your lace front, you might think it’s all over for you. But that isn’t the case. 

The good news is, there are two different top-notch solutions to fix your lace front wig. They’re both easy – you don’t need any experience to get the job done. 

What are we waiting for? Let’s start fixing that lace front, babe!

How to Fix a Lace Front Wig

As I said before, there are two great methods for fixing a lace front wig. One uses tape, while the other uses a needle and thread. And yes, I know that plenty of us aren’t sew-savvy. I’m certainly not. But it’s not challenging, and you can be successful with zero experience sewing!

Whichever method you end up choosing, you need to start the process the same way. 

  1. Dampen the hair – This will make it easier to manage.
  2. Comb through the hair thoroughly – Again, this is just to make the process easier for you.
  3. Turn the wig inside out – This will make it easier to locate and work on the damaged area that needs repairing.
  4. Place on a wig block – This isn’t exactly necessary, but it will make your job so much easier. Pin the wig to the wig block, so it doesn’t wiggle around while you’re working.
  5. Clean the area with acetone – Starting with a clean, blank slate will make it much easier. After all, lace front wigs are bound to have some type of buildup over time. Can you imagine trying to tape onto leftover glue or product? No thanks!
  6. Use pins to bring the edges together, if necessary – If you’re dealing with a fairly large tear, use pins to get the lace together so that it’s easier to thread or tape.

Solution 1: Fix Lace Front Wig with Tape

The tape option is obviously the easier option of the two as it only requires lace front tape and 3M transpore tape. However, it might not be as long-lasting as the sewing method. If you’re not interested in sewing, though, this is still a top-notch pick.

To tape your torn lace front wig, do the following:

  • Bring the tear together and cover it with lace front tape – Make sure that you press firmly to ensure that the tape successfully attaches to the lace. 
  • Trim off the excess tape – Tape hanging over the sides or there is simply too much tape? Take a sharp pair of shears and trim off the excess, making sure not to disrupt the adhesion for the torn area.
  • Cover using 3M transpore tape of the same size – This is not an essential piece of the puzzle when it comes to fixing a lace front wig with tape, but it certainly helps. Adding this type of tape will act as a reinforcement, so you can feel confident in your repair work.

Solution 2: Fix Lace Front Wig by Sewing

You can also choose to thread the ripped lace, too. This will provide more security over time, as long as you’re careful with it. There is also a lesser chance of the thread being visible as opposed to tape, which can be visible if you’re not careful.

To thread your lace front wig back to health, perform the following:

  • Use a thread that matches the color of the lace – The goal is to make the fix look as transparent as possible. Don’t let the repair work stick out like a sore thumb by being the wrong color! Clear thread is also a great choice.
  • Use an overcast stitch to bring the lace together – Basically, you are going to use a predetermined amount of thread (depending on the rip size) and needle. Go over and under, bringing the lace together securely.
  • Double knot and cut – To finish the stitching, double knot the end and cut off any excess thread there may be.

If you are a visual learner, check out this great step-by-step tutorial that gives a clear visual on how to stitch tears together:

A Few Tips

The best way to avoid needing to fix a lace front wig is to take care of it properly. Always make sure that you are handling your lace front wig with care. When not in use, the wig should be in a safe place such as on top of a wig block.

Regular shampooing and conditioning of the hair are important but don’t overdo it. Use only sulfate-free shampoos and use conditioners with oils that will keep your wig in top-notch condition. Keep heating tools to a minimum and don’t force the wig on and off.

Final Thoughts

Tears, holes, and rips in a lace front wig are totally normal, but that doesn’t mean you need to throw the whole wig out. With tape or a needle and thread, you can bring that wig back into gear!

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