How to Install Full Lace Wig

Full lace wigs give you the most customization when it comes to hairstyles. Want to leave your hair long and flowing with curls? Go ahead! Are you opting for a sexy high ponytail? A full lace wig says that’s okay, too. 

But before you get styling, you need to know how to install a full lace wig the right way. There are a few different methods to choose from, but all of them are pretty simple and straightforward. Don’t worry – you don’t need any styling experience to get a secured look you love.

Keep reading to see my top two ways to install a full lace wig.

Method 1: Quick and Easy Installation with Glue

Plenty of wig-wearers opt for glue. It’s pretty straightforward and is a great way to install a full lace wig, especially if you are a beginner. The key is to use a strong adhesive for your needs. 

For example, someone with sensitive skin should opt for a sensitive skin bond, while those that want weeks of wear should seek out a long-lasting adhesive.

Whichever type of bond you end up with, the process is pretty much the same across the board.

  1. Start by checking the size, knots, and baby hairs of the full lace wig. Most wigs come with bleached knots and premade baby hairs. If not, start adjusting. Also, make sure that the wig fits properly. Use the adjustable straps for a tight fit.
  2. Rub a cotton bowl of rubbing alcohol along the hairline. Things like dirt, grime, and natural oils will stand in the way of glues. Make sure you’re offering a blank slate for the bond to adhere to.
  3. Place a wig cap and the wig on top. The goal is to hide your natural mane so that it doesn’t show while you’re wearing a wig. That’s a dead giveaway. Use a secure wig cap and make sure all of your hairs are tucked inside, including flyaways. Those with longer hair might consider braiding their hair beforehand to make this process easier.
  4. Place the glue and wait a few seconds before pressing the wig down. Place the adhesive along the hairline and edges (you can place it around the nape of the neck, too, if desired). Wait a few seconds for the glue to turn translucent before pressing down the wig securely.
  5. Remove extra glue with rubbing alcohol. Wait until the glue is dried entirely. From there, you can determine where leftover glue seeped out. Remove it quickly and easily with rubbing alcohol.
  6. Style and enjoy your secured full lace wig!

Method 2: Sewing a Full Lace Wig

Another option is to sew the full lace wig. Now, this option is a bit trickier and time-consuming. The benefit is that there are absolutely no messy glues required. You can ensure that your locks are tightly attached to your mane without worry. 

If you’re up for the challenge, you will need wig clips, weaving needles, thread, and hair clamps.

  1. The process will start the same as above: check the fit and look. At this point, all of the important adjustments should be made.
  2. Braid your mane. Your natural hair needs to be braided entirely before trying to sew the wig. 
  3. Turn the wig inside out and put it into a ponytail. You can also opt to place a clamp around the hairs. The goal here is to get the hair out of the way so you may sew more easily.
  4. Place the wig on your head and add wig clips where necessary. The clips will move the hair once again to make room for your sewing excursion. Most women place them around the bottom and middle parts of the head.
  5. Using your needle and thread, start sewing through the full lace wig cap and one of your braids. Sewing through the wig cap and your braids will provide you with the security you need to flip and sway your wig however you please.
  6. Continue throughout your mane. How much you sew is up to you. Some women will only be concerned about the hairline. Others will sew through multiple areas of the head. 
  7. Style your wig and enjoy the security, honey!

Okay, this might sound a little bit tricky – especially if you’re new to the world of sewing. To help you with this process, check out this step-by-step video: 

Not only is this woman gorgeous, but she shows how you can easily sew your full lace wig from home!

Final Thoughts

Installing a full lace wig isn’t as challenging as it might sound. Whether you go the glue or sew route, you can enjoy a wig that’s secured to your head. Just make sure your natural locks are hidden away from the scene to avoid any giveaways about your perfect new hairpiece. 

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