Does Michelle Obama Wear A Wig?

It’s no secret that a lot of women wear wigs, regardless of their ethnicity. But when it came to our beloved First Lady Michelle Obama, some people were skeptical about her hairdo. Was she wearing a wig during her time in the oval office? Or was that all-natural?

If you have ever wondered the deets behind Michelle Obama’s hair, I’ve got answers. Keep reading to find out whether or not Michelle Obama wears a wig and some other fun information you won’t want to miss.

Does Michelle Obama Wear A Wig

There are plenty of things to love and admire about Michelle Obama. From being a role model for young women to being an advocate for poverty awareness, education, and healthy eating, it seems there’s nothing this fascinating woman can’t do.

However, it wasn’t just her accomplishments that made her stand out; it was her fashion and hairstyles, too. You see, Michelle Obama never ceases to surprise us with her gorgeous wardrobe and lovely locks to match.

That brings the question – does Michelle Obama wear a wig? The simple answer is, nope. Michelle Obama does not wear a wig.

Did She Wear Wigs in the White House?

If you have seen Michelle Obama’s cover on Essence Magazine or follow her on Instagram (@michelleobama), you’d see that Michelle Obama adorns beautiful, African American curls. She is even seen on vacation with her hubs showing off all-natural locks (see it here).

But we failed to see those beauties flowing at the White House. What gives?

Did Michelle Obama wear wigs in the White House? Nope, she didn’t wear wigs at that point, either. She blowdried, straightened, and styled her real hair to get the look. 

There is some skepticism that Michelle Obama had her hair relaxed between 2008 and 2015, but regardless, it is still her real hair – no wigs involved.

Now, I think most of us wish she would have shown off her kinky curls while being in the White House, right? But either way, at least we were given a glimpse of her stunning, all-natural beauty in recent years.

Who Is Michelle Obama’s Hairstylist?

Yeah, it’s no secret Michelle Obama has flawless hair, whether it’s showing off her African American curls or straightened strands. That leaves a lot of people to wonder just where she’s getting such incredible styling.

That said, who is Michelle Obama’s hairstylist? Well, her name is Yene Damtew, and she’s been responsible for all of Michelle Obama’s showstopping looks (source). She was also an assistant in the White House. 

So, if you want fab hair every time, find a stylist that can work wonders like Yene Damtew!

What This All Means

Basically, Michelle Obama has always shown nothing but her true self – even when it comes to her hairstyles. There is no wig-wearing there. Her real hair was styled, whether straight or shown with some charming curls or waves. 

However, I think we can all agree that nothing tops her all-natural curls, and we couldn’t be any more grateful that she finally let us see them in all of their natural glory. I don’t know about you, but I hope we can see more of Michelle Obama’s classic style and natural curls in the future.

Final Thoughts

Michelle Obama is an icon for so many great reasons, from being an advocate to coming out in top-notch looks. We love her hair, whether it’s all-natural or styled. 

Any which way she comes out, there is one thing that’s for sure: there are no wigs involved. It’s nothing but natural when it comes to the former First Lady!

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