What is a 13×1 Lace Wig?

If you’re a wig-wearer or plan to wear a wig, you know that there are many options on the market. Some women prefer the ease of a 4×4, while others want full lace wigs. Still, some love the look and convenience of a 13×1 lace wig.

But what is it?

If you have a 13×1 lace wig in your shopping cart but aren’t sure if it’s the right wig for you and your needs, you’ve come to the right place.

This article shares all of the must-know info about 13×1 lace wigs. Below, you will find out what a 13×1 lace wig is and all of the pros and cons associated with them. I also share the quick five-step guide to installing a 13×1 lace wig!

What is a 13×1 Lace Wig?

Let’s start with the most crucial question – what a 13×1 lace wig is.

Essentially, a 13×1 lace wig is a wig that has 13 inches of lace bordering the face from the right ear to the left ear. From there, it has a one-inch parting down the middle of the lace cap. Due to the construction, a 13×1 lace wig is also known as a t-part wig.

Pros of a 13×1 Lace Wig

Now you know that 13×1 refers to the inches of the lace cap in length and depth. 

Is it the right wig for you, though?

Let’s take a closer look at why the 13×1 lace wig – or t-part wig – is a best-seller.

1. Super Easy to Install

One of the benefits of going with a 13×1 lace wig is that they’re really easy to install – even if you’re a beginner to wearing wigs.

That’s because you don’t need any adhesives to wear this wig – unless you want to, of course.

Most (if not all) 13×1 lace wigs come with an adjustable band and clips to secure the wig in place – just like this gorgeous wavy t-part lace wig.

All you’ll need to do is customize the lace, put it on your head, adjust the band until it’s nice and tight (but not too tight), and secure it with the clips. All in all, it shouldn’t take you longer than 20 minutes to put on your 13×1 lace wig!

2. Simple to Style

A 13×1 lace wig comes with 13 inches of lace along the hairline and one inch of lace down the center of the lace cap.

That said, you won’t be able to change the parting.

For some gals, this is a negative thing. But for others, it’s a positive.

If you love middle parts or don’t want to fuss with changing the parting of your wig, you’ll love the simplicity of the 13×1 lace wig.

Don’t worry, though – you can still style the wig however you’d like, especially if it’s made with natural human hair. Add curls, dye it a darker shade, or pull it into a half updo. The possibilities are (almost) endless!

3. Budget-Friendly

Don’t want to spend too much money on a wig but don’t want to sacrifice the quality? 

The 13×1 lace wig may be the best choice for your budget.

Because they don’t have as much lace as other types of wigs, they come with a lower price tag.

Yet, they have the same gorgeous look and feel of a more expensive wig with more lace.

Whether you opt for an adorable pixie 13×1 lace wig or a luscious wig over 20 inches long, you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank to get your hands on a stunning, natural-looking wig.

4. Offers a Natural Appearance

Finally, a 13×1 lace wig offers a very natural appearance.

Again, that’s all thanks to the 13 inches of lace around the perimeter of the face.

With more lace to work with, you can customize and personalize the lace so that it looks like your natural hairline. 

Cons of a 13×1 Lace Wig

It’s true that 13×1 lace wigs come with lots of benefits, but there are still a couple of drawbacks I have to share with you.

Luckily, there are only two main disadvantages of the 13×1 lace wig:

1. Only One Way to Part It

The biggest drawback to a 13×1 lace wig is that it only comes with one inch of lace down the middle of the lace cap. So, you can’t change the parting.

The only way to combat this is to change where the 13×1 lace wig is placed.

For example, if you want a side part, you’ll have to wear your wig off-centered. This is fine, but then you have the struggle of having one side of your wig longer than the other. Unless you plan to cut it, this might not look great.

If you love middle parts, then this isn’t a big deal whatsoever. You’ll love the 13×1 lace wig!

2. Lacks Breathability

The other downside to only having one inch of lace down the middle is that it means there isn’t a whole lot of breathability.

Breathability is essential because it allows your natural hair and scalp to breathe, ensuring it stays in tip-top shape. It also keeps sweating and other discomfort at bay.

That said, 13×1 lace wigs might not be the best choice if you’re looking for long-term wear.

How to Install a 13×1 Lace Wig

Installing a 13×1 lace wig isn’t much different from installing other types of wigs

In fact, it may be easier, considering most 13×1 lace wigs come with adjustable bands and clips to secure the wig.

Here’s how to do it in five simple steps:

1. Prepare the 13×1 Lace Wig and Your Natural Hair

First and foremost, you need to prep your new wig. This may mean plucking, bleaching, etc.

After you’re satisfied with how your 13×1 lace wig looks, it’s time to shift focus to your natural mane. Shampoo and condition your hair. Apply a deep, leave-in conditioner. 

2. Put on a Wig Cap

A wig cap is essential when wearing a wig – whether you have a lot of natural hair or not.

If you have plenty of natural locks, ensure all hair is stuffed underneath the wig cap.

3. Apply and Secure the Wig

Now it’s time for the fun part – installing your wig!

To do this, simply place your 13×1 lace wig on your head. Maneuver it around until you’re satisfied with the way it looks.

Then, adjust the strap until there is a tight and secure fit – yet still comfortable. Then, apply the clips.

At this point, you can also use glue – although this is not necessary. However, many wig-wearers prefer to add glue to increase the security of their wig.

4. Style the Wig

Lastly, you can style your wig however you’d like. Use your favorite hot tools on human hair wigs (ensure you apply a heat protectant and use a lower heat temperature). Style into a cute half updo.

You may need to blend the lace using powder or other makeup products.


There – everything you need to know about what a 13×1 lace wig is! Want to learn more about this topic? I have added some frequently asked questions to take a look at.

Do you have to glue down a full lace wig?

You don’t have to glue down a full lace wig. However, unless it’s a glueless full lace wig, you’ll need to use some type of adhesive or attachment method to keep it in place. Some use glue and others use tape. You can also opt for clips, wig bands, and other options.

Is glue or tape better for lace wigs?

Glue and tape are two great options for securing a lace wig. Glue is best if you want extended wear without sweat or moisture hindering the adhesion. Tape is better if you’re looking for something less messy and complicated yet easy to remove.

Can a glueless wig still be glued down?

A glueless wig can be glued down. However, I don’t recommend doing it often. That’s because these wigs aren’t technically designed to be used with adhesives. But using glue for some added security on special occasions is OK.

13×1 Lace Wigs Are Great Wigs!

A 13×1 lace comes with 13 inches of lace around the hairline to provide a very natural appearance, plus one inch in depth on the lace cap. This stunts parting options but makes for an easy-to-install wig that’s great for those who love middle parts.

Do you like 13×1 lace wigs?

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