What to Do If You Cut Too Much Lace Off Wig

Most lace wigs require some level of customization. If you’re an avid wig-wearer, you know the drill – bleaching knots, plucking to perfection, etcetera, etcetera.

But what happens if you go to cut the lace and suddenly scream, “Oops!” as you’ve cut way too much of the lace off?

If you think all hope is lost, think again.

There are actually many great ways to revive that wig, honey. And this article shares the must-know techniques to do it.

Here’s What to Do if You Cut Too Much Lace Off of Your Wig

Is there anything more gut-wrenching than noticing you’ve cut too much lace off your wig?

Well, to be honest, yes – your wig slipping in the middle of a hot date night – but that’s another story.

If you’ve cut too much lace off your wig, I promise you, it will be OK. You just need to do this:

Option 1: Work With It

As long as the lace isn’t so far back that the hair is falling off, you can work with a lace that has a lot of the lace cut off.

Basically, all you need to do is wear the wig like normal.

However, you might need to use a little bit more glue than you usually would. You may also need to bring the wig forward a pinch more.

My best piece of advice? Wiggle, maneuver, and play around with your wig until it fits right. Then, apply your preferred method of attachment and secure your wig to your head. 

Wear it out like nothin’ ever happened!

Option 2: Pluck the Hairline Back Further

If you absolutely need more lace to work with, the second best option is to pluck the hairline back further. This will expose more of the lace, allowing you to personalize your wig and apply it how you prefer.

Not sure how to pluck your wig? Here are four simple steps to follow. You’ll need a pair of tweezers to pluck correctly.

  • Put your wig on a mannequin head or wig stand (optional but highly recommended for precision)
  • Comb/brush thoroughly to get rid of any tangles or knots
  • Start plucking – go for every other hair for a more realistic appearance
  • Continue plucking until you’re satisfied

Here’s a video to help you:

Option 3: Utilize Your Natural Hair

Do you have any natural hair to work with? Then why not use it to rock your lace wig?

For this method, you’ll be using your natural baby hairs to replace the lacy front portion of your wig:

  • Apply a wig cap, leaving about an inch of your natural baby hairs at the front
  • Style your baby hair as you please
  • Glue the lace wig directly onto the wig cap, as close to your natural hair as possible (without actually touching your natural strands)
  • Use product, such as gel, to help blend the wig with your baby hairs
  • You can also utilize accessories to hide the line, such as a headband or baseball cap

I love how she explains how to do this:

Option 4: Get a Professional’s Help

If all else fails, you might consider asking a professional to assist you in reviving your lace wig.

Unfortunately, they might be unable to do anything, especially if you’ve cut too much of the lace off.

If this is the case, you may have to buy a new lace wig. That doesn’t have to be a bad thing, though. Who doesn’t love getting a brand-new wig? I know I do!


See? Cutting too much lace off your wig doesn’t have to be devastating! As long as there’s a little bit to work with, you should have no problem rockin’ those lovely locks. If you want to learn more about this topic, check out the FAQS listed below!

Are you supposed to cut all the lace off a wig?

You are not supposed to cut all the lace off of a wig. There should be some lace to work with, albeit not too much. If you’re worried about people seeing the lace, don’t panic – just use more makeup to cover it up. Always purchase lace that closely matches your skin tone to avoid issues.

How far do you cut the lace on a wig?

When it comes to cutting lace on a wig, you don’t want to overdo it – otherwise, you’ll find yourself searching for this very article! When cutting lace, you should leave about 1/8 to 1/4 inches from your desired hairline.

How long can you wear a lace front wig without taking it off?

You should never wear a wig for longer than six weeks. Six weeks is the maximum. Wearing a wig beyond the six-week mark can lead to a slew of problems, from unpleasant odors to natural hair tangling and breakage.

Too-Short Lace? Not Our Problem – At Least Not Anymore!

While my number one piece of advice is not to cut your lace too short, I understand that accidents happen. At least you know solutions now, whether you work with what you’ve got or try to create a new hairline with more lace.

Have you ever cut too much lace off of your wig? What did you do? Share below!

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