Why Won’t My Human Hair Wig Dye?

You just purchased a brand-new wig. Great.

But then you realize one thing – it’s not the right color.

Whether you accidentally purchased the wrong color or simply want to shake things up a bit, you’ll need to dye it to achieve your “perfect” shade.

So what happens when your human hair wig just won’t dye? What’s going wrong, and how do you fix it?

If you’re struggling with a human hair wig that just won’t dye, keep reading. Below, I will explain why your human hair wig isn’t dying – and, more importantly –  how to fix the situation for your perfect shade.

Why Your Human Hair Wig Won’t Dye – Problems and Solutions

It can be very frustrating if you want to dye your wig, but it’s not working. Dying wigs isn’t meant to be inherently challenging, so what’s going on? 

Here are the top reasons why your human hair wig won’t dye and how you can fix it.

1. It’s Not 100% Human Hair

Sorry, hun, but that 100% human hair wig you purchased? Well, it might not be entirely made of human hair. There may be synthetic fibers that are halting the dying process. 

You see, unfortunately, the hair industry isn’t regulated as it’s supposed to be. Companies can mix human hair wigs with synthetic fibers and sell them as 100% human hair.

Pretty sad, right? That’s why it’s imperative to buy solely from trusted sources.

If you think there may be a synthetic issue, don’t worry – you can still dye your wig. The process changes a bit, though.

How to Dye Synthetic Wigs

Dying a synthetic wig or synthetic blend wig isn’t too complex. However, you won’t rely on traditional hair dye. Instead, you will need a bottle of fabric dye. You will also need a large pot, stove, water, newspapers, and disposable gloves.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Prepare your workstation. Start by throwing on some old clothes you don’t mind ruining and a pair of disposable gloves. It can be hard to wash fabric dye off of your hands.
  • Bring a large pot of water to a boil. Now, you’ll add water to a pot and bring it to a boil. Ensure you measure how many cups of water are poured into the pot. This will be important for later. There should be enough water to cover your entire wig.
  • Add the fabric dye. Add the fabric dye to the pot – three teaspoons of dye to every one cup of water.
  • Dampen the wig. Spritz water all over your wig or run it under running water quickly. Your wig should be damp but not sopping wet. This will allow the color to adhere more readily.
  • Place the wig inside of the water and fabric dye mixture. Make sure all of the hair is in the mix. The longer it sits, the darker the shade, so keep an eye on the wig. It could be ready in less than a minute!
  • Rinse and hang the wig. Ensure you use cold water to rinse your wig. Continue rinsing until the water runs clear. Then, hang it on a wig stand or over the top of a towel bar, etc.

Note: You can only dye a synthetic wig a darker shade. Do not try to use this method with a lighter shade. It simply won’t work!

2. There’s Too Much Product Buildup

You likely use the product when you’re wearing and styling your wig. Am I correct?

The product you use to make your wig look fab may also prevent you from efficiently dying your human hair wig.

Think of it this way: you wouldn’t try to apply nail polish on top of dirty fingernails – it wouldn’t come out right. In the same way, you shouldn’t try to use color on top of “dirty” hair that’s covered in product buildup.

Solution: There’s a simple fix for this – wash your wig. This will get rid of any product that’s hindering the dye from adhering to the human hair. However, do not use any conditioner. It will make the strands overly sleek, making it impossible for the dye to work correctly.

3. You’re Mixing the Product Incorrectly

Every box of hair dye you purchase will come with a dye and a developer. Both of these are crucial elements needed to complete the dying process.

Another item you’ll find in that box of dye?


It is imperative to follow the instructions in your boxed hair dye. Don’t try to “wing it.” As they say, dying hair is a science. An incorrect mixture will leave you with hair dye that just won’t work.

Solution: Follow the instructions in your hair dye packaging to a tee. Ensure all of the measurements are correct.

4. It Didn’t Sit on the Hair Long Enough

I get it – you want your human hair wig to be the right color, and you want it the right color right now.

But let me tell you a little something about patience, my friend.

Patience is critical to the dying process for the simple fact that you need to let the ingredients do their job. If you try to rush things, you’re going to end up with sub-par color – or no color at all/

Solution: Let the dye sit on the hair for a more extended period! It typically takes around 30 to 40 minutes, but if you want a very entrancing and deep hue, it could take up to an hour (or more). Keep an eye on it, and don’t try to rush the process.


You shouldn’t have any further troubles when it comes to dying your human hair wig. But if you still want to learn about dying your precious wig, keep reading. I’ve added some FAQs to help you learn more about the wig-dying process!

What is the best way to dye a human hair wig?

Dying a human hair wig is generally the same as dying human hair. You’ll mix the dye and developer, then “paint” it onto the hair using a brush. Then, allow the mixture to sit on the wig hair for 30 to 60 minutes. Rinse and wash with shampoo and conditioner. Viola!

Can 100% human hair wigs be dyed?

You can dye human hair wigs with regular hair dye. However, going a darker shade rather than a lighter shade is recommended. Going lighter can spell trouble for your human hair wig, leading to severe dryness and breakage if you’re not careful.

How many times can you dye a human hair wig?

If you dye your human hair wig and it’s still not showing the right hue, you can dye it twice without worrying about too much damage. Do not exceed three dye jobs.

Who’s Ready for New Human Hair Wig Colors?

Although there are some issues that can cause the dye not to work correctly, thankfully, there are just as many solutions. Ensure you’re starting with a 100% human hair wig and mix the ingredients correctly. Wash the hair beforehand and allow the mixture to sit for up to an hour or until the color is correct.

Have you ever dyed your human hair wig? Did you run into any trouble? Tell us about it below in the comment section!

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